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Properly Documenting a Conflict in College


As you work your way through college, you’ll find that conflicts happen more often than not. Remember that you’re in a very restricted space and in that space; it’s easy for tempers to flare. People will be people, and they often like to get their way no matter what. You have to step back and look at the way people are reacting, and then see what you can do to avoid upsetting them further.

Yet conflict is part of life, and if you can’t handle conflict now, you will have a lot of problems later down the road when conflicts can really get out of hand.

Does this mean that conflict always has to be something that’s hard to deal with? Definitely not — you just need to know the process of properly documenting conflict.

First and foremost, you will need to identify whether or not the conflict in question is something that even needs to be escalated to the next level. There are some things in life that you will need to learn how to blow off. You have to learn how to stay calm and simply focus on your overall list of goals, no matter who gets in the way.

Moving on, the assumption is made that this is a conflict that really does need outside assistance. You will need to think about the appropriate channel to begin documenting the conflict to. If it’s something that happened between you and a professor, you will nee dot go to the department chair and make your case. As you might imagine, it’s very important to stick to the facts. You don’t want to try to just start making demands, or begin yelling. If you can help it, you really should write a letter and mail it in to the department rather than going in person. This gives you a paper trail. If it’s something really important, then you need to make sure that you actually mail it out certified mail, return receipt requested. While it seems like overkill, it will give you proof that you really did send something in, even if someone says that you didn’t bother.

No matter if you make your request in person or though a letter, you will need to make sure that you’re as calm as possible. You do not want to make statements that aren’t true, because you will end up destroying your credibility. If it’s found out that you lied about anything in your letter or in person, you will not be able to pursue conflicts through formal channels anymore — which is exactly what we don’t want to happen at all.

You only have the rights you fight for, but it’s the way that you fight for them that will get people’s attention. If you’re someone that can stay calm no matter what happens, then people will look up to you and be much more likely to do what you request. On the other hand, if you show that you have a temper and will react to anything that someone throws at you, then people will definitely take advantage of this in the future.

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